The oldest German table tennis brand GEWO, in collaboration with GEWO Serbia, in partnership with the Grand Tours Travel Agency and the Serbian Table Tennis Association, organizes the first international table tennis camp in Serbia for all younger age groups (8-16 years) in a beautiful mountain town Krupanj, located in western Serbia on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, near the Drina River, 134 km from Novi Sad and 150 km from Belgrade. The campers are housed in the beautiful Grand Wellness & Spa, which has an indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi, salt room, restaurant, terrace, conference room, while the table tennis is nearby. The hotel is in a traffic-free zone, surrounded by three mountains so that there is practically a "green belt" around the hotel, with two small words running right next to the hotel.
2020 DATES:
23 - 30 June (I shift)
30 June - 7 July (II shift)
1 - 8 August (III shift)

The camp lasts 8 days and includes 7 full board, professional work with 5-8 trainers on 12 top tables, with the constant presence of doctors. The food is exclusively local cuisine. In his spare time, he organizes creative workshops (quizzes) and trips (visit to a nearby monastery), use of the Wellnes & Spa center. Each attendee receives a GEWO gift pack as a gift: backpack, jersey, shorts or skirt, towel, holster and bottle (package value is €120).

The best camper in each shift will receive a GEWO sponsorship agreement, and the best camper will be judged by camp coaches and promoters led by Aleksandar Karakasevic.

The participants will be selected according to the level of knowledge, and the individual plan of professional work according to the needs of the game and the possibilities for its implementation; Beginner group (technique basics, game concept customization, movement technique, service variation). Advanced group (emphasis on service and service reception, game opening and second ball, takeover or active block, spin variations, fostering creativity, enhancing motor elements).
Each player will receive concise notes at the end of the camp about his game and suggestions for further work that may be useful to the club coaches. There is an opportunity for testing at the Provincial Institute for Sport and Sports Medicine and organizing test training in Novi Sad.

6.45 Awakening
7.05 futing
7.30 Breakfast
8.00 training group II
10.30 group I training
13.00 lunch
13.30-15:00 obligatory rest (sleep)
15.30 group II training
17.30 group I training
19.45 Dinner
20.15 Free time
22.00 Preparing for bed
22.30 Sleep

The camp is strictly forbidden to use the mobile, except after dinner (camp participants are obliged to hand over the apparatus to group leaders who are open to parents' calls during that time). The number of campers is limited to 60. It is possible for parents to visit the campsite on the penultimate day by organized GrandTT bus transportation, overnight (half board) and use of the services of the Welness & Spa center and return with the campsite children.

PRICE OF THE CAMP: 265 euros. An advance payment of 55e is due no later than January 30, which is a reservation. Payment is made to the giro account of the Grand Tours Agency. Cancellation of participation in the camp is possible until March 1st, after which advance payment (advance) will not be returned. The remaining amount is paid in five equal monthly installments until every 20th of the month. The bus fare is 15 euros, and the transport is organized from Novi Sad (via Belgrade) with the purchase of children by the way, and the camper can come directly to the camp by himself.

Applications and information: +38163 8-309-702

Advance payment instructions (place reservations)

Payer: The name of the camper
Purpose of payment: advance payment for table tennis camp - first installment
Recipient: Grand tours doo Novi Sad
Amount: 55 euros (in NDS per NBS middle exchange rate)
Bank account: 330-015008215-31
Reference to the number: (a reference to the number obtained after registering a child to the camp is mandatory)