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  • Camps are great opportunity for a kid to spend more hours in the training facility and to commit to table tennis without having to think about school or other activities. That's why camps are very important! GEWO has choosen the best place for this camp, since I was in Krupanj a few years ago for the National team preparations. Krupanj is really a beautiful place.
    Aleksandar Karakašević
  • See you all in Krupanj! I have already been there when I was doing preparations with the Serbia National Table Tennis Team. The place is great! Camps are real deal, not just for a good training, but to also get to know other players (campers), because by making new friendships and hanging out with other players, you actually get the most of the camp. I have friends from all over the world, so that's why I feel more relaxed when going to any international tournament.
    Sabina Šurjan
  • Camps are great. I remember that I really loved going to camps when I was in the youth categories. I am especially glad that GEWO now has it's own camp in Serbia, which is great! I hope that I will be able to visit each and every shift in the camp and to be able to hang out with the campers in order to share my experiences.
    Tijana Jokić

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