Krupanj is a beautiful mountain town, situated at an altitude of 330m above sea level, surrounded by the branches of Boranja, Jagodnja and Sokolska mountains through which flow the Bogoštica, Čađavica and Kržava rivers, connecting the Likodra River in the city center. The place is 28km from Loznica, 64km from Sabac and Valjevo, 135km from Novi Sad and 150km from Belgrade. Bosnia and Herzegovina is only a few kilometers away from the Drina River.

Krupanj is considered ecologically among the cleanest places in Serbia, and its micro climate is the same as in Zlatibor in terms of the number of sunny days and the rose of the winds, so during the summer days the athletes naturally cool down which is of general importance for the efficiency of preparations. Given that Krupanj belongs to the homeland of the southern periphery of the Pannonian basin, its climate is temperate continental. The mountains protect it from regional air currents but are brought to it by local air currents. Many who come to Krupanj for the first time immediately notice the ecologically clean and unpolluted environment, extremely pleasant summer nights, enjoying the rich nature.